I've been involved in real estate for over 30 years investing in multi-unit residential rentals, commercial NNN retail space and over the last 7 years, design and renovate for resale. I've done over 20 of these properties with the expertise of Candice Quinn of London Pierce Design. Candice has always hit the ball out of the park with each home as she finds the house, designs the house, oversees the construction process, stages the house and turns it from a house nobody wants to a dream home that often times brings multiple offers the first day on the market. I've seen buyers follow Candice around and hold off on purchasing a home while waiting for the next completed project. She brings a high quality wow factor to her design remodel projects while staying on budget and keeping her clients concerns in mind which is why I will continue to utilize Candice’s expertise on my future endeavors. 

– Michael Schend, MLS Properties LLC 

I flip homes for a living and had always staged the homes for sale myself, but as I started dealing with homes in a higher price point I decided to hire a professional stager. My first experience three years ago was disastrous! Then two and a half years ago, I asked my DJ Dwyer of Sticks and Bricks if he had someone he could recommend. He recommended Candice Quinn. First of all, she is always so welcoming and encouraging, so friendly and ready to help in any way she can. Secondly, she’s brilliant as far as design. She gave careful consideration to the layout of the house, she knew exactly what furniture was needed and her staging was impeccable! It was clean, contemporary and classic! I sold that house in one weekend and I truly believe her staging played a big part in the sale. 

Then a few months later, I hired Candice as a design consultant. I was stuck on lighting, chandeliers, sconces, and some of the finishes. Again, she was just so right on and on top of everything. Always returned my call, always made me feel like she had my back no matter how anxiety ridden I got! The pendants she chose for over the island were a WOW factor that everyone commented on and the chandelier in the dining room added just the right amount of classic style the house needed. She was very busy doing other design consulting, so she wasn’t able to stage for me. But she recommended another young lady that did such a fantastic job. Between Candice’s design choices and her recommended stager the house sold in one weekend!

Finally, I want to say that Candice is golden! She truly is…she is beautiful inside and out! If she’s working with you she’ll treat you as if you’re her only client. You can tell she loves her work because she puts her heart into it and she always has a smile on her face. I will always recommend Candice Quinn and London Pierce…she’s fantastic!!! 

– Jeanne Behrens

We are writing to provide an enthusiastic and unreserved recommendation for Candice Quinn! We have had the incredible opportunity to work with Candice on two different houses and we are completely satisfied with the results and very thankful for the opportunity.

We purchased a house in the Desert Ridge area that we wanted to make our retirement home. We were happy with the house but it needed to be updated. We had some ideas, but soon we recognized we needed help. So we began to search for interior designers in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. During our research we saw a house with the same floor plan as ours that been fixed up and sold. We loved what we saw so we contacted the realtor to find out who had done the interior design. Turns out it was Candice who had done the interior design work as well as being the realtor who sold the house.

Since we were living in New Mexico we asked Candice if she could show us other houses/designs she had done. She sent us pictures and we continued to be very impressed with her work. We then took a trip to Phoenix to meet Candice and we have been very happy we hired her to do our interior designs!

There are many reasons to hire Candice. For one, she listens to you!  Then, she presents ideas that match your style and takes advantage of the space.  Candice is very good at guiding you through the design process, helping you understand what design elements will work and why.

Candice is very responsive and easy to work with, she has great ideas, and a wonderful eye. We highly recommend Candice for your design needs.

– Ross & Taffey Miller

We hired Candice because of her integrity, commitment to excellent and her dedication to make each and every business deal a win win win.  She has a REMARKABLE ability to take something that is unbelievably ugly and something one is inclined to walk away from and turn in into something you NEVER want to leave!

Candice has helped us avoid bad investments and shady deals.  Along with this she's helped us make prudent decisions about Real Estate; along the way we've learned what it's like to be valued as a client, investor and human being.  Her design skills are absolutely impeccable!  She creates such beauty from something one might think ought to be demolished!  Her designs are STUNNING!

We appreciate so much of what Candice creates.  She has an intuitive KNOWING about each and every space.  There's a warm, welcoming and open life about the space that Candice creates and envelopes you with a feeling that you just don't want to leave... like this is finally H O M E.

We appreciate EVERYTHING about working with Candice!  She brings such a calmness to the most stressful situations.  She has the ability to resolve even the most challenging issues with grace, professionalism and humor on top of doing a kick-ass job!  And she's so much fun to work with. 

There are so many and honestly we feel so well taken care of and KNOW that she works hard to make our experience drama free, fun, relaxing, profitable, enjoyable... it's like having an angle watch over us.  

Yes... Candice is one of a kind - there may be people that can do "some" of what she can but no one that can do EVERYTHING she can.  Basically... No Body Does It Better!  Very Very Blessed to be her clients.

– Chad and Brisa, Business 2 Wealth