We are London Pierce Design, a full-service interior design firm specializing in complete renovations of single family homes, working directly with real estate developers and homeowners.

London Pierce Design was founded by Candice Quinn, principal designer and is supported by a team of talented design assistants and an operations manager. We are based in Scottsdale, Arizona and are able to work with clients in nearby areas throughout the valley, and can travel for certain projects.

Our goal is to enhance the beauty and livability of your space, while also increasing the resale value of your house. London Pierce Design evolved from London Pierce Real Estate – a boutique real estate brokerage firm that brings unique and tailored experience to the home selling and buying process.

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My favorite projects are those that completely transform a space and have the opportunity to become something truly original.



Our clients recognize what they like, but they look to us to execute a project from start to finish with minimal instruction.

Our creative process depends on a high level of autonomy to make the hundreds of micro-level decisions needed to bring a design concept to life. Of course, all our design decisions are based on an approved design concept and approved budget.

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The creative process starts with a series of conversations about what you need and what you like. Together, we gather inspiration photos. These become clues toward a preliminary design concept.

At this stage, we allow the design concepts to mature and percolate before preparing a design presentation. Each space is a work of art and calls for care and intention. We put thought into every detail. While the design does start with a preliminary concept, many of the details come together throughout the creative process.

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“What’s your style?” This can be a difficult question for me to answer because every project is different, and so much is based on the needs and desires of the client.

That said, I aim to create a sense of calm tranquility, while often using bold elements to lend definition to a space. Every space should have something that draws you in.

I believe in mixing styles. I have a love for natural materials and layering textures. In our designs, you’ll generally find plenty of custom woodwork and architectural detailing.

I never want a space to feel too feminine or too masculine. I strive for balance and harmony, often by pairing elements not often found together.

Lighting and hardware are my favorite part. They bring the wow factor, and they are like jewelry to a space.



How much is this going to cost? This is a question that naturally comes up at the beginning of every project.

I’m really good at working with any budget. This might be one reason why many of our clients have been developers.

While design is a luxury service, know that I’m an advocate for you. I help you with the difficult process of sorting wish list items versus must have items. Planning a budget is obviously important to set realistic expectations and avoid surprises throughout the project.

When it comes to the design fee, we charge a flat rate for the project. This allows us to work together without the stress of looking at the clock. The design fee is based on the size of the project and scope of work.



Everything starts with an initial meeting.

By the end of this meeting I’ll be able to tell you whether this is a project that excites me and give you a ball park estimate of the project budget as well as a projected timeline.

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